Transforming Lung Cancer Care.

Innovative Molecular Diagnostics for Improved Patient Outcomes
The only comprehensive integrated solution for the molecular management of all stages of non-small cell lung cancer

Molecular Prognostic Assay for
Early Stage Lung Cancer

The CLIA-certified Razor Genomics’ Molecular Prognostic Assay is helping to lead a revolution in the precision management of the world’s deadliest cancer. The assay, backed by the most extensive, blinded, independent validation studies published for any molecular prognostic in lung cancer, (1-4) provides patients who have undergone resection of non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer and their doctors with the most accurate prognostic designation available into high-, intermediate- or low-risk of death within 5 years after operation.

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1. Kratz et al. Lancet 2012;379:823
2. Kratz et al. JAMA 2012;308:1629
3. Woodard et al. Clin Lung Cancer 2014:15:426
4. Woodard et al. Clin Lung Cancer 2017:epub

Predictive Assays for Lung Cancer using
Next Generation Sequencing

7 Gene Lung Cancer Assay
17 Gene Lung Cancer Assay for China (CFDA Class 1 approved)
25 Gene Lung Cancer Assay

Precision Medicine: Identifying Patients’ Cancer-Driving Genomic Mutations
and Matching Patients to Targeted Therapies and Clinical Trials

Razor Genomics’ innovative technology detects genomic mutations and provides oncologists with rapid, accurate and actionable information about their patients.

Razor Genomics’ products match patients with targeted therapies and clinical trials to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Razor Genomics’ bioinformatics platform aggregates genomic information, advancing our understanding of the etiology and novel treatment targets for cancer.

Faster results save lives

Razor Genomics’rapid test results for its Predictive Assays is able to provide rapid test results—with its 3-day turnaround— and provides actionable, targeted gene panels and analyses that are clinically relevant for both physicians and patients.

Breakthrough in the effective management and treatment of cancer

Additional Information

Razor Genomics’ products and services provide the only comprehensive integrated solution for the molecular management of all stages of non-small cell lung cancer, and target a wide range of cancers with solutions for DNA extraction and genomic profiling with applied bioinformatics

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